Bob Bremer began training in the martial arts with his children at Ed Parker's Kenpo school in Pasadena, California. After practicing Kenpo for about two years he saw Bruce Lee demonstrate Jeet Kune Do and immediately enrolled at Bruce's school in Los Angeles. Bob had the second most lessons with Bruce Lee at the Chinatown school and was fortunate enough to train with Bruce at this home on Sundays. He was also a part of the original "backyard" class taught by Dan Inosanto.


While in the U.S.A.F., my family and I were stationed in Taiwan for almost three years. While I was there I studied Kuo Shu [Kung-Fu]. My wife was working as a teacher in the Taipei American School during the day and I was working in the evening at the Shu Lin Kuo Air Force Station. Since I had my days free I was looking for something to occupy my time. One of my friends recommended that I take up martial arts. I ended up learning six hours a day for six days a week.


I first got interested in Jeet Kune Do through Bob Bremer. Bob and I go back to the early 1960's. One day Bob asked me to go to the Long Beach Sports Arena with him where Ed Parker was promoting a tournament. This was the first time I ever heard of Bruce Lee. Soon after that, Bob left kempo-karate and went to Chinatown (Los Angeles) to take Jeet Kune Do (JKD). I wanted see what JKD was all about. Bob invited me to come along one day. I signed up the first time I was there!


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