Steven is a direct student of Sifu Tim Tackett and Sifu Jeremy Lynch, and has received instructor rank under Sifu Bremer, Sifu Tackett, Sifu Sewell and the JKD Wednesday Night Group; as well as the Chinatown JKD Association.

Steven is a certified instructor in Chinese Kempo Karate (Kara-Ho Kempo) under Master Sam Estrada and the Kwai Sun Society, and is also one of the chief instructors of the Kwai Sun Society.

Steven has also received black belt or instructor grade ranking in: Kyokushinkai Karate, JKD Concepts, American Kenpo Karate, Japanese Jujutsu and Japanese stick fighting (Jodo).

He continues to train in Jeet Kune Do under the direction of Sifu Tackett and Sifu Lynch.

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