"The purpose of this group is to preserve and promote Bruce Lee’s art of Jeet Kune Do, to help define and teach the core curriculum, not to confine us but to liberate us, and to discover our personal expression of Bruce’s art."

- Tim Tackett (About the Wednesday Night Group)

The JKD Wednesday Night Group consists of a Board of Directors, Official Instructors, who teach the full W.N.G. curriculum, and Affiliated Instructors.


Q: Did you ever train with Bruce Lee?
A: Bob Bremer and Jim Sewell both trained under Bruce Lee at the Chinatown school. Tim Tackett trained under Dan Inosanto starting around 1970.

Q: Do you teach Original JKD or JKD Concepts?
A: We call what we teach "Old School JKD" because our curriculum consists mainly of Original JKD. If we find something useful and it fits with our philosophy and structure we may add it, but it will never be labeled JKD.

Q: How much do group classes cost? Do you offer private lessons?
A: Group classes in Redlands are free but a small donation is encouraged. Most of our instructors offer private lessons. Fees vary. See our affiliated instructors page for info.

Q: Can I become an instructor? How long does it take?
A: To be able to teach JKD under us you will need to learn it and be able to teach it. People often ask how long it will take them to become an instructor under us. We never know how to answer them. JKD is like any athletic endeavor. You might as well ask, "how long will it take me to become a good basketball player and then a coach." The answer could be never. It depends on many factors such as:
1. You attributes like speed, balance & coordination, etc.
2. Your character and temperament.
3. Your previous experience.
If you have a lot of previous experience in JKD and have a group of students and we see that both you and your students have a basic foundation in JKD, you may be able to get permission to teach under us in a relatively short time. The first step is to arrange a meeting in person. The simplest way is to attend the annual JKD camp. Click here for more information.